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What Our Clients say:

1. LW

I saw Kieran at Flex Physiotherapy. He has a warm and friendly manner which puts you at ease straight away. I learned more about my back in 45 minutes than I had in decades of treatment elsewhere. I was quite prepared to have a course of treatment but Kieran explained that until I understood and corrected my problem with a specific exercise it would be a waste of my money. Although it will take quite a while to sort out he was confident I would do well but said he would be available anytime to answer questions or help in any way. I would highly recommend him.

2. SM

Absolutely brilliant. Both me and my girlfriend have had therapy with Flex and the results have been really good. The great thing about Matt is that he explains in real terms what the nature of the injury is and how it is being aggravated in a way which is easy to understand. It really helps to have this understanding when you are working through your rehabilitation. Very personable and relaxed. They put you at ease and make you feel very welcome and comfortable.

3. J O'S

It’s now only a few weeks following my total knee replacement. I am already walking without a stick, my leg feels strong and stable and I have 120 degrees of bend which I am delighted with. My knee still swells but I’m told that’s to be expected and will settle with time. Kieran was able to show me exactly what I needed to work on and tailored my exercise plan accordingly to get the best result. Highly recommended. 

Who Am I Anyway?

Hi—I’m Kieran Barnard and I am one half of Flex Physiotherapy


I have been a physiotherapist for nearly 20 years.  I have a Master’s degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy and I’m a member of the the prestigious Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP).  I have published widely and in particular I have written various chapters in core physiotherapy textbooks, one of which I co-edit.


I have worked in the NHS and private sector, including a spell working in professional football for Norwich City F.C. Currently as well as working within Flex, he works as an Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist and is Hip and Knee clinical lead for Sussex MSK Partnership, the largest musculoskeletal service in the country, leading a team of experienced and specialist physiotherapists.  I have a special interest in spinal and sporting injuries.


* These are 15 minute appointments which is enough time to offer advice but not to offer treatment. You may be offered subsequent treatment if we feel it may be beneficial but there is absolutely no obligation for you to agree to a course of treatment.

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